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Theft of items from lockers

Good morning,


You are receiving this email because you have indicated that theft is a priority for you. 


Unfortunately, I can see from our reports that on the 18th June there were 2 thefts from lockers occurring within a sports / gym setting.  I have included some crime prevention advice below in relation to this.  Please could I ask that you let me know how useful this email has been by using the voting buttons below, I review all feedback to try to make the alerts as useful as possible.  Thank you.


  • Consider whether you need to take the valuable item with you; this is very much a personal decision, however if you are not travelling far, not travelling onwards from the location afterwards, you could consider leaving your mobile phone/wallet at home. You can take very important phone numbers written down on a piece of paper / card, and some cash instead of your cards.
  • Do the lockers allow you to use your own padlock?  If so, try to use the most robust padlock that will fit the locker, this can be robust due to the material used to make the padlock, the locking mechanism being more comprehensive to prevent it being picked, ensuring it is a waterproof padlock if it is being used outside.
  • When selecting your gym / sports location, ask them if their locker are covered by cctv; whilst this might not deter everyone, it will deter some.
  • Where are the lockers locater- could you use lockers that are located behind another controlled entry location ( ie, behind a barrier meaning only members can access those lockers), this reduces the number of people able to access them, and may provide means to locate who was present at the time.
  • Conceal your items within your belongings, can you put your phone in a pair of socks for example.  Even if someone gains entry to your locker, if the items are not easily found they may be left behind.
  • If you have any concerns, please let me know by reply, and I will come back to you.


    Kind Regards



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