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If you find this information helpful please “rate” this message at the bottom (very quick and simple).

Thank you for registering with Hampshire Alerts, I hope that you will find the system useful for making us aware of your priorities in your area, and for receiving information from us.  We try to keep alerts sent, relevant to the priorities you have selected; however, from time to time if something is particularly important, we will send it in the interest of keeping our residents informed, and safe.


Your priorities might change over time and you can update your priorities at any point by adjusting the settings within your application to do so- if you ever need any help to do this please let me know.


We are trying our best in your local Neighbourhood Team to tackle the issues affecting you the most; please let us know via 999 for emergencies, 101 and online for non-emergencies, and for non-crime concerns, via this app.


We will also send out invitations to our community engagements via this application, as well as advertising them on our facebook  page , however, I expect you'll find it easier to get updates via email as it doesn't involve you having to go and check a website.   

The emails and invites offer the ability to provide feedback to us; we really appreciate all feedback because ultimately, it will help us tailor our work and patrols etc, to meeting the needs of our local community.  You will normally find the options at the end of the emails.   




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