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ASB in the approach to the Summer Months

Good morning, 


You are receiving this email, because you live near to an open area which is enjoyed during fairer weather by many local residents and visitors.  From time to time, people sometimes forget to be considerate of others; I sincerely hope there won't be any problems over the summer, but in order to help us target any issues when they begin, please see my below email.  If you feel that neighbours would benefit from seeing this information, please share this email with them, and encourage them to sign up to Hampshire Alerts as well, thank you.


  •  Reporting ASB at the time, and every time is really important as it allows us to see the pattern of days and times.  It's also really important that residents report individually, rather than one person reporting on behalf of others, as this does not allow us to see how big an area is affected.  Please try to include as much information as possible without placing yourself at risk to do so- i.e. car registration plates, numbers in the group, descriptions, names heard.

    Online reporting: Report | Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary


  • Vehicle related nuisance- Section 59 warning notices are very successful at deterring drivers who use their vehicles in a manner that is anti social to others.  Again, if you find yourself suffering because of vehicle related nuisance, please report individually, and at the time, including as much information as possible.  This helps us to target the right areas at the right times; we can then let you know if we are able to issue the warnings.  The reason these notices are so successful, is because should the driver not heed the warning, we have powers to seize the vehicle.  The warning notices apply to the driver and the car used.


  • Noise complaints/ noise nuisances, normally, initially have to be dealt with via the council, and they cannot usually be a one-off issue.  There are useful telephone numbers and guidance documents attached to the link below from Rushmoor Borough Council website:

    Noise nuisance - Rushmoor Borough Council

    Noise complaints can develop to warning notices/ abatement notices being issued; this provides options of prosecution and FPNs for non-compliance / removal of noise making equipment.


  • If the noise relates to a licensed premises, it's possible there are licensing conditions that are being breached, please see following link for more information:

    Licensing and registration - Rushmoor Borough Council


    A one off event / celebration with no other causes for concern is unlikely to meet the requirements for the council to intervene, or for police to attend; however this would be different if there were concerns alongside the noise- this is why it is important to pass as much information as possible to call takers / online reports, when making us aware of any concerns.


    Should you find this email useful, please send to others you feel might appreciate the information, and use the buttons below to quickly show us what is useful, and what is not.  


    Please encourage your friends and family to sign up for Hampshire Alerts so that they can set their own preferences and receive updates accordingly.


    Many thanks


    PC Annette Barnett

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