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You are receiving this message because we have had an increase in Fraud/ Scams in your local area over the last few months.  In Hampshire Constabulary, we often make specific visits to help protect our vulnerable residents against Fraud.  It may be that you're quite confident in recognising a fraud yourself, but maybe you care for someone who needs some extra support, or you'd appreciate an extra tool to maintain a strong defence against Fraud being committed.


Please find some key points below:


1. With all visitors to your home (from anyone unexpected/ unknown etc), please ask for physical ID and then shut the door on the caller whilst you verify the ID.  A legitimate caller will never mind you completing this action.  Another important point to highlight here is- if you can, use the internet to confirm the number you are calling, rather than just using the number on the back of the person's ID card.  You can then look for the padlock symbol, to show an authentic website and therefore a secure legitimate number.


2. Please review the ‘Little book of Big Scams’ linked below, it will help provide some advice and ideas to keep you safe from Fraud.


3. Worried you have been a victim of Fraud?  Report it to us, and use functions such as ‘reporting phishing emails’ on your email account.  Tell your friends and family what has happened to prevent it happening to others.  Please do not be embarrassed to tell others; we want to help, and your friends and family will want to help support you.  


If you have found this email useful, please share to anyone else you feel may benefit (and encourage them to sign up to Hampshire Alerts as well!), and please could you indicate by using the buttons below so that I can consider what is working well and what isn't, for future correspondence.


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