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Hi Resident


If you find this information helpful please “rate” this message at the bottom (very quick and simple).

You are receiving this message as you are one of our valued followers on Hants Alert on the Isle of Wight.


On Hants Alert, we have just over 1,740 of you registered on the Isle of Wight  but so far only 782 people have completed our very short questionnaire to find out about what it is like living in your area and also what your priorities are.


This is a breakdown (the top 5) of what people have said so far are the important issues, facing residents on the Isle of Wight.


1 - ASB

2 - Dog Fouling

3 - Parking

4 - Drugs and related issues

5 - Nuisance vehicle use 


If you want to have your say, it's not too late as this is an ongoing survey - click the link below 


Please click here to complete the survey


We will continue to keep you updated as we work with you and our partners to make your community Safer For Everyone.


Thank you for your time and co-operation






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Jackie May
(Hampshire Constabulary, PCSO, Isle of wight)

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