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Speed enforcement - Cosham & Paulsgrove


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Today officers from the North have been out conducting speed enforcement across Cosham & Paulsgrove. I am pleased to announce that the overwhelming majority of people were sticking within the set speeds limits. However there were a few that were driving considerably over the speed limit. One driver was clocked driving 44mph in a 30mph.


I appreciate speed enforcement is a heated topic for some people, however, speed limits are set to ensure the safety and comfort of pedestrians as well as other road users.


Speed awareness courses are eligible to drivers who are not excessively speeding and it being their first time offence. This course aims to educate drivers of the dangers of speeding as well as other aspects of driving.


Speed enforcement will continue in hotspot areas in the North to ensure the safety of all involved. If you have any specific areas of note, please ensure that you let us know. 


PC 28644 Davies. 

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Rory Davies
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